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Many humans forget that Petco and Petsmart are two different places. They might carry the same types of pet supplies, but they actually have some important differences that humans need to be aware of. Molly and I don’t shop at either one often, but when we do, we now choose Petco. Here’s why.

Major Differences

Petco and Petsmart are both large chain pet supply stores. Oftentimes, I would recommend supporting a small, local store instead, but smaller shops don’t usually carry as many supplies. So, there will likely be times when you’ll need to turn to one of these big businesses for a specific product. Honestly, I thought they were the same stores for the longest time, but I recently heard one striking difference.

I’ve heard numerous stories by now that Petsmart discriminates against Pit Bulls. Molly and I have not witnessed this discrimination in person, but we often try to trust fellow dog lovers. So, I’m going to share what we know.

Petsmart’s Discrimination

A while ago, a story about a Pit Bull puppy surfaced on social media. The Pit Bull’s mom was heartbroken after her dog was denied from a party at the store. The only reason she was given was the dog’s breed. Petsmart later reached out to explain that this information about their store was false, but the human refused to forgive these cruel actions.

Later, someone posted text conversations that they had with Petsmart vs. Petco. They asked each one what their breed policies were. Petsmart admitted that Pit Bull breeds were banned from certain activities at their store, such as doggy daycare. However, Petco explained that they allow all dogs to attend all their events and services. This information made the decision clear for many dog parents. How can a company that claims to love dogs turn away dogs because of what they look like?

In case you don’t know, I want to point out that a Pit Bull is not a breed. “Pit Bull” refers to a group of dogs that have stocky, muscular builds. Thus, breeds like Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and even Cane Corsos have been labeled as Pit Bulls before. If someone discriminates against Pit Bulls, they can turn dogs away simply because they have a “Pit Bull appearance.” Plus, most of these dogs are actually very well-behaved, but many humans are too quick to judge. That’s just not okay!

Choose Petco

When in doubt, please choose Petco. Even if you don’t have a Pit Bull breed, you shouldn’t support companies that discriminate against any dogs. If anything, the store should conduct some type of temperament test before activities. That way, they can choose which dogs are safe based on their personality, not their looks. Any true dog lover knows that a dog’s personality is the most important thing about them.

Molly and I used to shop at Petsmart often because it was more convenient. But now, if we need to get something from there, we go out of our way to choose Petco instead. We might not know everything about the two companies, but that discimination alone is enough to steer us away from Petsmart. I hope there are other dog parents out there who feel the same way.

Pit Bulls deserve just as much love as any other dog. So, please don’t judge dogs based on looks. We’re so much more than just a pretty face.

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Featured Image: MiosotisJade via Wikimedia Commons

9 thoughts on “Petco vs. Petsmart: Which is More Dog-Friendly?

  1. Charity says:

    That’s terrible. I can’t believe that they didn’t get in trouble for that. It’s just like when people are discriminated against because of their color/disability/religion/sexual orientation. So wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it broke my heart when I found out about it 😦


  2. Sharon says:

    Ada has the pitbull look and people move away from her and sometimes pick up their little dogs as if she is going to attack them. I can understand people wanting to be cautious but the truth is Ada is so well trained now she should never be a threat to anyone and she just genuinely loves everyone she meets both dogs and people. The only really dangerous thing about her is her tail and that really is a deadly weapon. 🌻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so sad, she sounds like a sweetheart! ❤ It breaks my heart when people avoid dogs simply because of how they look.


  3. Christine N Rugg says:

    As a long-time bully breed rescuer, I have taken my business away from Petsmart a while ago. yet there is another rather large reason why people should give their business to Petco instead of Petsmart: Petsmart has been responbile for 47 dog deaths over the ast decade in their grooming department – from a groomer strangling a dog to death, to a small dog left overnight in the drying room (after a bath, with heat and dryers), and basically cooked to death. So, yeah – Petco is much better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, this is another very good point! That’s why I’m extra careful with where I get Mabel groomed. Petsmart is the closest pet supply store to my home, but I still go out of my way to go to different stores instead.


  4. William Johnson says:

    I’ll stay clear away from Petsmart after hearing this! Can’t stand dog racism!


  5. Christina Hoppe says:

    I took Cooper, my black lab pitbull mix rescue, to Petsmart asking about doggy daycare. He LOVED other dogs and children. At the time, he was a tiny 4 month old puppy, couldn’t even jump into the car by himself yet. I had to lift him in and out of the minivan. Cooper was the friendliest puppy you’d ever meet, giving playbows and nuzzling with the dog next to us (total stranger), rolled over and soaked up a belly rub from the employee as she explained to me that Petsmart’s policy was to exclude any dog that has “ANY AMOUNT of pitbull in them” from their daycare. I said, “That’s so racist!” The employee is like, “Yeah I know, but it is Petsmart policy. Nothing I can do.” My beautiful dog ended up having a short but beautiful life. He had the absolute BEST dog manners. Loved dog parks. Unfortunately, Cooper died of aggressive cancer a year and a half ago, only 4 years old. My whole family grieved him so hard. None of us have since or will ever again shop at Petsmart.


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