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I recently realized that a lot of dog parents don’t know what a dog license is. This is sad, especially since many cities require your dog to be licensed. It’s not a hard thing to do, and if it’s required, you should definitely do it for you furry friend. Even if it’s not strictly enforced, it can still have plenty of benefits for you and your pup.

What is a Dog License?

A dog license is something that can be put on your dog’s collar along with their identification. It proves that you’re licensed to own that dog and it’s a way to prevent them from getting lost. It also serves as proof that your dog has their rabies vaccination since you often need to show your dog’s medical records when getting a dog license.

If your dog is lost, then their license can help bring them back to you sooner. It can also save you from potential fines. If you’re ever asked to show your dog’s license, you could get a fine that’s much more expensive than the license itself if you don’t have one.

In other words, a dog license is just another way to keep your dog safe. Many humans think it’s unnecessary, but it’s much easier to get a dog license than to pay fees for not having them. Plus, it can help a lost dog get home too, which is extremely important.

How to Get a Dog License

Luckily, dog licenses are easy to access. Every city will have different requirements for where you can go to get your dog license, and oftentimes you just have to show them your dog’s vet records, pay them a small fee, and then get the license right there. Many cities also do them online or by mail.

Where we live, dog licenses are about $25 per dog. Yet, if your dog has been spayed or neutered, you can get half off. That’s just another incentive to spay or neuter your furry friends.

The best way to find out how to get a dog license is to look it up on your city’s website. Most licenses expire at the beginning of a new year, so you’ll need to get a new one every year. But it’s not very expensive and it’s easy to access, so there’s really no reason not to do it.

Sadly, most dogs don’t have licenses because their humans just don’t know about it. So, if your city requires a dog license, make sure you spread the word so your friends can keep their dogs safe too.

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