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There are lots of ways to find adoptable dogs near you, but it can take a while to come across the right rescue pup. Luckily, I recently stumbled across an amazing website that helps you find your dog the right way.

How I Met My Dog is a site like PetFinder, but it helps you find the perfect dog based on personality, not looks. I think it’s a resource that all new dog parents should utilize.

What is How I Met My Dog?

How I Met My Dog was created by a woman named Mary Ann Zeman who really wanted a Dachshund twenty years ago. She couldn’t find one at a rescue right away, so she turned to a breeder. She adored how lively, brave, and cute the breed was. Or, so she thought.

She ended up buying two Dachshund puppies from the same litter: George and Gracie. George was exactly what you’d expect from a Dachshund, but Gracie was more shy and reserved. She often cowered in fear, and Zeman quickly realized that Gracie might’ve been better off in a different household. But she had grown attached to the pup, so it was too late.

This helped Zeman realized that every dog is unique. A breed is just a generalization of a dog’s personality, but two dogs of the same breed could be complete opposites. From there, she came up with the idea for How I Met My Dog, which matches you with rescue dogs based on personalities, not breeds or appearances.

How Does it Work?

When you search for a dog on this site, it will ask you a series of questions first to help you find your best match. These questions are related to your lifestyle and desired dog behaviors as opposed to what breed your ideal dog is. Then, it will show you matches nearby that would be great for your home.

At that point, you can narrow it down based on size since some sizes work better in different households. However, you still can’t discriminate against breed. This site encourages you to love the dog for who they are and not who you expect them to be.

So, if you’re looking for a new furry family member soon, please check out How I Met My Dog. And please encourage others to use it too. Dogs are so much more than just a cute face. We have amazing personalities that the world needs to see!

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5 thoughts on “Find Your Dream Dog Based on Personality, Not Looks

  1. I hope someday that the idea behind How I Met My Dog is how everyone finds their next dog. Dogs are individuals and knowing a breed’s characteristics doesn’t mean the dog you adopt will have any of those characteristics. Too many dogs get looked over because of how they look even though they have remarkable personalities and tons of love to give. Thanks for sharing about How I Met My Dog – fabulous organization.

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    1. graciej7 says:

      your so right!

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