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Some dogs are much more fearful than others. For example, Taco whines and cowers over smallest things in life while I don’t let little things scare me. That’s just because every dog is unique, just like humans are. But did you know that the clothes you wear can actually scare your dog? Here are some common clothing items that can worry your dog.

Hats and Sunglasses

For some dogs, anyone with a hat or sunglasses on shouldn’t be trusted. Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons for this. For some dogs, these clothing items just seem scary and unfamiliar. For others, they mask the person’s identity, so your dog might not even recognize their humans at first. The same could be true for humans wearing masks during the coronavirus.

Long Sleeves

This isn’t necessarily a common fear, but some dogs get confused by long-sleeved shirts. If your dog is used to you dressing in short sleeves during the summer, then they might become confused when you suddenly change your wardrobe for the winter. Some dogs might even think your sleeves are chew toys! Taco used to always chew on Molly’s sleeves when we lived in Florida because he was confused.


Most of the time, dogs don’t care what your clothes look like. We don’t have any type of fashion sense. However, we can recognize certain patterns and relate them to things in nature. In the wild, animals with stripes are often dangerous. Stripes can be a warning sign that an animal is about to bite, sting, or spray something stinky. So, some dogs might act unusual if you’re wearing stripes.

Unfamiliar Clothes

Some dogs are much more anxious than others. So, if you have a skittish dog like Taco, then they might get scared every time they see change. So, if you drastically change your style or if you dress up in a Halloween costume, your dog might act negatively. All dogs behave differently, so there’s no guarantee as to how your dog will react to your outfits.

So, if you dog acts weird out of the blue, then you might want to check what you’re wearing. If your outfit is different than usual, you might be confusing your dog without knowing it. If you have an anxious pup, it might be better to slowly introduce them to new outfits before wearing them. That way, you won’t startle them too much.

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