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Safety is important for everyone, especially dogs. Recently, more and more humans are rightfully caring about their dog’s safety, which is why pet products are constantly advancing. You might notice that many products, such as carriers, seat belts, and strollers contain an attached leash inside. But sadly, many dog parents are using them all wrong!

What is a Security Leash?

When I say a security leash, I’m referring to a special leash that clips onto your dog’s harness to keep them safe. A good example of this is a dog seat belt, which can buckle your dog into a car. Many dog carriers have them too in order to prevent your dog from falling out.

For many products, these leashes are essential. Many humans love to travel with their dogs, which means lots of car rides and dog carriers. If your dog is not secured properly during these trips, then they could easily be put at risk. The same is true if these security leashes aren’t used correctly.

Why Should You Never Clip These Leashes to a Collar?

I’ve seen lots of negative reviews for products with security leashes simply because the person felt that the leash wasn’t safe. They claimed that the leash would choke their dog if they fell. If the security leash was attached to your dog’s collar, then yes, your pup could definitely choke. That’s a scary thought!

However, no matter the reasoning, a security leash should always be hooked to your dog’s harness, not their collar. Even if the product says that it should be clipped to your dog’s collar, you should still clip it to their harness instead. After all, there’s nothing secure about putting extra pressure on your dog’s neck!

If you don’t have a harness for your dog, then I’d highly recommend getting one. Harnesses aren’t just for dogs that are hard to control and dogs that pull. They can actually benefit all dogs. Take me for example. I don’t pull hard on walks, but I feel safer and more comfortable in a harness. With a harness, you’ll never have to clip anything to your dog’s collar, which can help prevent choking.

Security leashes are great products, but they won’t do much for your dog if you’re not careful. Clipping the leash to their collar might seem more convenient, but it’s actually more dangerous. When in doubt, always use a harness for your dog.

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