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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I have some exciting news: we’re moving! Not just into a new apartment, but we’re moving to a new house 20 hours away. It sounds crazy, but I’m actually kind of excited. Plus, I’ll have plenty of new adventures to share on my blog.

I’ll admit that at first, I was nervous. As soon as I saw Molly packing up boxes, I got so scared! I know she would never leave without me, but boxes mean change, and change can be scary for dogs. Now, she’s putting everything in a big truck, which is an even bigger change!

Right now, we live in Florida. We moved down here so Molly could go to college and so she could enjoy the warm weather. I do like it here, but I’ll admit that the summers are so hot. Molly doesn’t have a fluffy coat like I do, so she doesn’t understand. But I get hot even after only a few minutes outside, which is a little disappointing. However, I do love chasing all the squirrels and lizards outside.

We’re about to move back to Wisconsin, which is where we’re from. I guess Molly missed her family and, of course, I did too. Molly says that we have a house that we’re going to move into, which is exciting because we’ve only lived in apartments so far since Molly became an adult. And the best part is that our new house has a fenced-in yard! I’ll be able to go outside all the time!

Taco isn’t quite as excited as me. He doesn’t tolerate change at all. Unless he’s curled up right beside people, he gets nervous and whines a lot. I can’t gather up the courage to let him know that we need to drive for 20 hours to get to our new home… but he’ll find out soon enough. I know that once we get there, he’ll be excited. He just needs some extra reassurance.

Molly has also been talking about fostering dogs at our new house. Our current apartment only allows a maximum of two dogs, so this house will be our first chance to foster. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of unfamiliar dogs, but I know fostering can help save lives. So, I’m willing to give it a try if it’ll make Molly happy and save dogs.

We’re about to head out to our new home, so wish us luck! I will definitely post more updates as we unpack and get situated. During this time, I might not be online as much, so if you try to contact me, I apologize for the delayed responses. I promise I will be online again as soon as I can!

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