Mabel the Rescue Dog

Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

Lil Rascals Dog Rescue is a newer rescue in the Orlando area. They’ve only been operating for about a year, but they’ve already had over 100 adoptions and plenty of creative ways to promote dogs in need.

Their goal is to help rehabilitate and find homes for dogs that are the most in need. They want to help all the dogs out there who can’t voice their opinions, specifically the abused, abandoned, and neglected.

Lil Rascals truly cares about all the dogs they care for. They don’t discriminate against any breeds, and they do whatever they can to make sure the dogs in their care find the loving homes they deserve.

This rescue first caught our eyes because they had a unique event to help some dogs get adopted. They hosted a dinner party for 8 adoptable dogs, complete with dog treats and toys. They even had a professional photographer known as The Dographer come to take pictures of the event.

Not only was the dinner party adorable, but it also helped many of the dogs find their forever families. This rescue is very creative with the work they do, which helps so many dogs find the forever homes they deserve.

If you’re looking for a dog in the Orlando area, please check out the adoptable dogs at Lil Rascals Dog Rescue. Even if you can’t adopt another dog at this time, please consider donating to this incredible rescue!

Do you have a rescue dog of your own at home? Please visit my contact page to get a story about them featured on my blog! Let’s encourage more dog lovers to adopt!

Images from @LilRascalsRescueFL/Facebook

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