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For a long time, there has been a debate about whether or not grain-free dog food is linked to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. I have written about this topic in the past, but I wanted to give an update on some positive new information. New research helps confirm that grain-free food is not bad dog food.

Before I get into the new research, I would recommend checking out my previous article about the FDA investigation on grain-free food. It will provide more details about the situation. If you already know all about it, then please keep reading.

A new article that was initially posted on the Journal of Animal Science finally took a closer look at the grain-free investigation. Before this new information was released, there were only claims that grain-free was linked to DCM, and there was no actual evidence or studies to back it up.

What Does the New Research Tell Us?

The research group was made up of veterinarians, veterinary cardiologists, and animal nutritionists from BSM Partners. They analyzed over 150 related studies before creating the new article.

In this detailed literature review, the researchers studied the causes of DCM. When comparing all the studies, they concluded that DCM is more of an inherited disease than anything else. In fact, their research did not support the claims that grain-free and legume-rich diets were causing these health problems.

While there is still a lot that’s unknown about DCM, there are a few other things that could cause it. Nutrient deficiencies, myocarditis, chronic tachycardia, and hypothyroid disease are all health concerns that could lead to DCM.

The researchers also pointed out that even though many of the dogs with reported cases of DCM also ate grain-free diets, those cases contain incomplete information. Therefore, it’s impossible for someone to conclude a link between the two, especially when there are so many other factors that are much more likely to cause DCM.

Therefore, if you feed your dog a grain-free diet, there’s no need to worry anymore. In fact, grain-free is often better for dogs with allergies and in my opinion, it’s tastier too! Your vet might try to tell you it’s unhealthy, but please don’t worry about it. When in doubt, listen to the official studies and research that’s going on rather than just believing everything you hear. After all, your dog’s health is so important!

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