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I recently came across a Facebook post that opened my eyes to something interesting. As you may know, flat-faced dogs like me are prone to breeding problems. Yet, humans continue to purposely breed dogs that way because they think it looks cuter. However, it looks like changes will be made soon.

It’s no secret that flat-faced dogs are adorable. After all, I’m one of them! But it’s not okay to purposely breed dogs to be unhealthy just because they’ll look cuter.

Oftentimes, I’ll hear people say things like, “my dog has a flat face and they’re perfectly healthy”. That may be true, but purposely breeding dogs that way is only putting them at risk. The problem is much bigger than just your individual dog. After all, I’ve been healthy so far, but I still recognize the problems that other dogs face.

So, the Netherlands decided that something had to be done about this. They’re sick of seeing people just breed dogs for money rather than caring more about the health risks involved.

What is the Netherlands Changing?

Apparently, the Netherlands is now requiring breeding dogs to have a nose that’s a certain length. This will help prevent dogs from being born with unnaturally flat faces.

To be a breeding dog, a dog’s nose length must be at least 30% the length of their skull. So, dogs like me would be unable to breed because our noses are too flat. This would help make dogs healthier, which would hopefully cause less dogs to suffer from health problems that could’ve been prevented.

It’s heartbreaking to see that things like this need to be enforced. Why can’t humans just care about dogs more than money? I will never understand how those types of humans think, but I’m glad the Netherlands is trying to make a difference. Hopefully, more countries will soon follow.

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3 thoughts on “Netherlands Cracks Down on Breeding Flat-Faced Dogs

  1. Sharon says:

    They are undeniably cute but I have never understood the willingness to sacrifice the well being of the dog for appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I think they’re extremely adorable, but dogs shouldn’t be bred just for appearance, especially when it puts their health at risk. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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