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You might notice that a lot of blogs and websites about dogs write lists about specific dog breeds. While these lists are fun to read and write, we don’t have any plans to write them unless they support adoption. It’s not because we don’t like them, but it’s because it’s not really what this blog is all about.

What Do I Mean By ‘Breed List Articles’?

When I say “breed list articles”, I’m generally referring to articles like “10 Friendliest Dog Breeds” or “20 Great Small Breeds”. Many humans find these articles fun and entertaining to read. Oftentimes, it’s because they want to see if their breed is on the list.

There are also lots of dog websites that have informational articles about specific breeds. You might notice that I don’t write any of those either. Even though Molly is knowledgeable about it, you will never see any of these types of articles on our blog.

However, if you do want some content that’s breed-related, I suggest you check out our games page. We have a “Which Dog Breed Are You?” quiz on there.

Why Don’t We Post Them?

This blog is all about rescue dogs and encouraging humans to adopt. But oftentimes, when humans read about specific breeds, they quickly fall in love with those dogs. They get this idea in their head that a specific breed is the only dog for them.

When it comes to bringing a dog into your family, I strongly believe that the breed shouldn’t matter too much though. The dog you choose should be based more on the dog’s personality than their looks. Therefore, I don’t want to promote any breed over another because I believe that all dog breeds are equal.

Also, I don’t want to write something that could accidentally stereotype a breed. List articles sometimes make it sound like some dogs are better than others, but that’s not the case at all. I want my articles to be inclusive to all dogs, not just certain breeds.

Therefore, while I find it very interesting to learn about specific dog breeds, I don’t think my blog is the place to talk about them. Molly writes these types of articles for work sometimes, but we don’t want that type of content on our blog.

Instead, we want our posts to be helpful, informative, and emotional in order to help encourage dog lovers to adopt. So, I’m glad that so many people have kept reading even though not all our posts are traditional dog topics.

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One thought on “Why We Avoid Breed List Articles

  1. Yay Mabel! I love this post – and love your message! Breed labels (like race, religion, etc. labels) are generalizations and rarely apply to every animal (or person) who wears that label. Best to avoid them and treat every dog (and person) like the unique individual they are.

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