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Today is Taco’s birthday! In case you don’t know, Taco is Molly’s boyfriend’s dog, so he’s technically my brother. We live together, and even though we don’t snuggle or play with each other, I still care about him because he is part of my family.

He turned about 8 years old today, so some might consider him a senior dog now. However, he still acts like a puppy! He has so much energy and he always wants constant attention. He might be the older sibling, but I’m definitely more mature.

But it’s his birthday, so I need to be extra nice to him. After all, Molly gave him some treats (which I got to share with him) and a new toy (which I will try to steal later). So, I learned that birthdays can be fun even when they’re not your own birthday.

It took me a while to get used to Taco, but sometimes I’m actually glad to have him around. If Molly and Fred leave the house, it’s nice to have someone else around. We don’t really interact, but it’s nice how we can just peacefully exist near each other. Plus, he quickly learned my likes and dislikes, so he knows not to bother me when I’m napping.

So, happy birthday, Taco! I’m glad to have you around even if I don’t show it. I hope this milestone in your life helps you learn to relax a bit more and be lazier like me. If not, I’ll still love you for your crazy personality.

Read Taco’s rescue story here!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Taco!

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    1. Thank you! I love his name too 🙂

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  2. graciej7 says:

    *that *taco [i missspell alot of things lol]

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