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I’m sure all humans wish that dogs could live forever. In fact, I hope I have a long life ahead of me too. But sadly, dogs just don’t live as long as humans. The average lifespan of a dog is 11, but small breeds typically live longer than large breeds. Either way, it’s just not long enough!

While most dogs live anywhere from 10 to 15 years old, there have been a few record-breaking dogs. The following are the oldest dogs to ever live on this planet! (Note that these pictures are just of the breed, not of the actual dog themselves)

#1- Bluey (29 years, 5 months)

Bluey was an Australian Cattle Dog, and he currently holds the record for oldest dog in the world. He passed away in 1939. While Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, are a larger breed, their lifespans are actually more similar to a small breed at around 13 to 15 years.

#2 – Maggie (30 years)

Maggie the Australian Kelpie is technically the oldest dog ever, but her dad didn’t have any paperwork to prove it. Therefore, Bluey still holds the official record. Maggie sadly passed away in 2016.

#3 – Butch (28 years)

Butch the Beagle was approximately 28 years old when he passed away in 2003. He made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for his age.

#4 – Taffy (27 years, 10 months)

Taffy the Welsh Collie’s birth and date of death are unknown, but she also made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for her age. She was very close to Butch, only 2 months younger.

#5 – Bramble (27 years, 7 months)

Bramble the Border Collie passed away in 2003. She was a rescue dog who was famous for her vegan diet. While most dogs would probably not do well without meat, her mom clearly knew how to create dog-friendly vegan meals to make Bramble as healthy as possible.

#6 – Adjutant (27 years, 3 months)

Even though Labs generally have a short lifespan, Adjutant the black Labrador Retriever mix is one of the oldest dogs on record. He passed away in 1963.

How to Help Your Dog Live Longer

There are plenty of other old dogs on record, but these 6 are the very oldest. It’s unusual that they are almost all larger dogs, but there is still a long list of large and small dogs that lived longer than 20. So, it’s possible that even your own dog could live that long!

A dog’s health is obviously the most important part of their lifespan. If you don’t take extremely good care of your dog, they’ll likely have more health risks as they age.

Feed Them a Healthier Diet

What you feed your dog often has a huge impact on their lifespan. Unfortunately, feeding good food is harder than you’d expect. Kibble is the most common dog food, but it’s also the worst. While some dry dog food brands are much healthier than others, it’s all processed food.

Raw diets and fresh diets are the best choices for your dog. Whether you buy pre-made meals or if you learn to make them yourself, both are usually better if you use the right ingredients. However, fresh diets can be more expensive and more time consuming, so if you aren’t in a place to serve that kind of food yet, try a dog food topper.

Watch Their Weight

As a chunky dog, I know how annoying exercise can be. But apparently, obesity is a common health problem that can shorten a dog’s lifespan. This means that you need to have your dog exercise often and not overfeed them.

Exercising doesn’t have to be long runs or an obstacle course, especially if your dog is small and lazy like me. However, make sure you walk your dog regularly instead of just taking them outside quickly to use the bathroom. Also, playtime can be a great way to help them exercise a little and give them mental stimulation.

Don’t Neglect Vet Checkups

About once a year, you should visit your vet. Not only can vets give your dog all their required vaccines, but they can also answer any concerns you might have about your dog’s health. It’s better to know about a health problem sooner rather than later.

When you first get your dog, you should also research health problems commonly associated with your dog’s breed. Sometimes, knowing that information ahead of time can also help you notice a health concern right away.

Sadly, no dog can live forever, but with proper care, you can help your dog live longer than usual. Of course, there can always be health problems that you can’t control, but you should do whatever you can to keep your dog safe and healthy. Maybe you can even help your dog break these world records!

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