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Molly used to work with a dog groomer (I used to come to work with her too), and we often saw a lot of dog parents ask for a ‘puppy cut’. Whenever they said that, the groomers would often give them a weird look and ask them to be more specific. However, these humans just kept saying ‘puppy cut’ over and over again without more details.

Our groomer friends quickly informed us that a ‘puppy cut’ is not an official grooming term. In fact, it could mean a lot of different things. Your regular groomer might know exactly what you want since they’re familiar with your dog, but if you ever go to a new groomer, this term might not tell them much.

What is a Puppy Cut?

The term ‘puppy cut’ was initially used for the fluffy trim that show Poodles would get when they were puppies. They weren’t old enough for the classic show dog look, so they simply called it a puppy cut. It was never an official term and it could mean a lot of different things, yet somehow many dog parents seem to think it is a specific cut.

When most dog parents ask for a puppy cut, they usually mean that they want one length all over, but that still doesn’t tell the groomer much. A puppy cut doesn’t tell them exactly what length you want, and it doesn’t really say anything about what to do with your dog’s head, tail, and ears.

I have seen many dog parents act rude when the groomer would ask for more details than just the words ‘puppy cut’. They acted as if the groomers didn’t know what they were doing, and that’s just not okay! Instead of asking just for a puppy cut, it’s important to add much more detail about the haircut you’re looking for.

What Should You Ask for Instead?

Even if you have the perfect groomer that knows your dog very well, that doesn’t mean they’ll be your groomer for the rest of your life. Groomers sometimes have to relocate or retire, so at some point, you might need a new groomer. That’s why it’s important to know how to explain what your dog’s haircut is like instead of telling them puppy cut (a meaningless term).

So, when you come to the groomer, it’s important to know what length you want for you dog. You can simply measure it at home, show them the length on your dog, or show them a picture of your dog when they had the perfect haircut. These methods are much more beneficial than just saying ‘puppy cut’.

Then, make sure to include as many details as possible. Specifically, think about what you want your dog’s ears, face, and tail to look like when they’re done. Too much information is much better than too little. Groomers are not mind readers! You should never just assume they know what you’re talking about when you give them vague information.

Most of the angry customers that I saw were angry because the groom didn’t look like they planned. However, one of the most common reasons for a bad haircut is a lack of communication. Instead of blaming a groomer for getting the cut wrong, find a way to explain it better next time. Plus, most groomers are more than happy to fix a dog’s haircut if you just ask nicely.

So, I hope you take this information into consideration the next time you get your dog groomed. Please be kind to groomers and to every other dog parent out there. We all just want what’s best for dogs, so there’s no reason to get upset over little misunderstandings.

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