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Over the years, there have been lots of ways that humans have used dogs for their entertainment. Dog fighting and Greyhound Racing are two examples that are no longer allowed, but dog shows continue on. For the most part, dog shows aren’t bad, but there are definitely some parts that need changing. So, what do rescue dogs think of dog shows?

What are Dog Shows?

Dog shows are all about purebred dogs competing against each other in different categories. They’re judged based on looks, agility, and how that dog compares to their breed standards.

Dog shows are for human entertainment, but oftentimes, the dogs themselves enjoy the competition too. This is mainly what sets dog shows apart from dog fighting and racing. Dogs typically enjoy training for these events, and their handlers usually treat them well.

However, it’s always clear when some dogs are there just for fun. Even if a dog has trained hard, when the big day comes, they might just not want to do it. There have been plenty of funny dog show fails because some dogs are just there to have a good time! Those dogs might not win, but at least they’re happy!

So, I don’t know a ton about the details of the dog show competitions, but from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like an entirely bad competition. I think that as long as the dogs are properly treated and as long as the dogs want to do it, it’s not a bad thing. However, if I was in charge, then some changes would be made.

What’s Bad About Them?

Dog shows are all about breed standards. That means that mixed breeds are not promoted, only purebreds are. Sadly, this means that most of the dogs in dog shows are from a breeder instead of a rescue or shelter.

Also, the dogs are judged based on how well they can live up to their breed standards. Therefore, even if a Golden Retriever has the best personality, he likely won’t win if he doesn’t act like a Golden Retriever is expected to. The whole judging thing just seems a little old school to me.

I feel like breed standards are just ridiculous. A dog shouldn’t be expected to look or behave a certain way. Humans often encourage each other to be unique, so why should dogs be any different? If you really love your dog, you should just let them be themselves instead of forcing them to be what’s expected of their breed.

How Can We Fix This?

Recently, there have been special dog shows geared toward rescue dogs, but they’re just not as popular as classic dog shows. I feel like rescue dogs need to get more chances in the spotlight to help encourage more people to adopt. Purebred dogs always get the attention, but what about all the poor mixed breeds and special needs dogs out there?

I think the only way to make dog shows better is to stop basing it off breed standards and start being more inclusive. Who cares if a dog acts like their breed or not? If they’re a good, well-trained dog then that should be enough to win the competition!

Everyone views dog shows differently, but I just think there needs to be some changes soon. Rescue dogs need all the love they can get, so we need less people promoting purebred puppies and more people encouraging dog lovers to adopt!

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