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Working dogs such as service dogs or police dogs are often bred specifically for that purpose. Many people assume that these roles must be taken on by specific breeds or dogs with specific skills, but that’s not always the case. Even though it’s not common, it is possible for rescue dogs to take on important roles. I think it should be made even more common.

Requirements for Working Dogs

Most officers agree that specially bred puppies are the best dogs for a police dog job, but there are no requirements that say they have to be. What’s most important for a police dog is not the breed, but the temperament. Police dogs need to be calm, confident, and focused to properly do their job. They have to go through a lot of necessary training to be the best for the job.

As for service dogs, it greatly depends on the role they’re trained to do. Certain breeds are often better for certain roles, but even then, there’s never just one single breed for the job. As long as a dog has the right temperament and goes through the proper training, they can be a successful working dog!

Can Rescue Dogs do it?

Of course rescue dogs can do it! We’re just like any other dogs. Just because we weren’t bred for a specific task doesn’t mean we can’t learn. Not every dog is suitable for a working role, but that doesn’t mean rescue dogs should be forgotten. I know I could never be a police dog or service dog because of how lazy I am, but I know many rescue dogs that would be perfect for the job!

There are actually some organizations that work specifically to make sure rescue dogs have a chance to work one of these important roles. Throw Away Dogs Project is an example of a great organization that takes in rescue dogs and trains them for important roles. They rescue dogs at risk of euthanasia and train them to make a difference in the world. Many of them become police dogs and service dogs regardless of their breeds.

I’m sure there are other great organizations like Throw Away Dogs Project too, but I don’t know them by name. There are plenty of people out there that believe in rescue dogs, so it’s heartwarming to see dogs go from being stuck in the shelter to being a life-changing dog. As usual, rescue dogs are just as amazing as any other dog, no matter where they come from.

Why Don’t More Places Train Rescue Dogs?

Sadly, there are many people out there that don’t believe rescue dogs are cut out for this kind of work. But there’s no way to judge rescue dogs as a whole because every dog is so unique and different. In order to make rescue dogs as working dogs the norm, we need to spread the word and let more humans know that it’s a reasonable option!

To help more rescue dogs get a chance in the spotlight, please spread the word. Let everyone know that rescue dogs can be just as brave and focused as any specially bred puppy. Also, if you can, please donate to Throw Away Dogs Project so they can rescue and train even more dogs.

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