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It’s disgusting to think that dog meat is even a thing in this world, but in China, many dogs are sold for the dog meat trade. About 10 million dogs each year die because of these horrible operations. Dogs of all breeds are killed for meat in China, and many of them are tortured before their death. It’s a sad thing to think about, but there might be some hope for the future.

Ending the Dog Meat Trade

Recently, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs created a policy draft that will finally label dogs as ‘companion animals’ instead of ‘livestock’. If this policy goes through, dog meat consumption will no longer be allowed in China.

So far, Shenzhen is the first city in mainland China to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat. The policy was formed not long after, and it’s likely that the rest of China will soon follow Shenzhen.

Around the world, dogs are so much more than just domesticated animals. We’re family members and loyal companions, so it’s important that we get treated like that in every county.

The policy is not official yet, but with enough support, it will soon become a reality. Let’s spread the word so dogs can finally get the rights they deserve worldwide!

A Hopeful Future

Not only is dog meat a horrible thing for dogs, but it can actually harm humans too. The coronavirus is thought to have originated in China’s wet market, so consuming unusual animals clearly poses many health risks.

So, to help save both animals and humans, China should stop selling meat from so many species of animals. Not only are dogs and cats sold there, but other animals such as foxes and minks are on the list too. There’s no point in selling these animals for meat, especially when it hurts both animals and humans alike.

Currently, dogs are taken for meat from anywhere and everywhere in China. Stray dogs, lost dogs, and even surrendered dogs could be victims of this disgusting practice. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could do something so terrible and unforgivable to an innocent dog.

The end of the dog meat trade is long overdue. Dogs should be treated with respect. We should get to snuggle on the couch with humans, not be eaten by them. Please help me make the world aware of this issue so it can finally be stopped.

To help put an end to this horrifying practice, sign the Humane Society International’s petition. We are so close to putting a stop to this, so please spread the word!

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4 thoughts on “This Could Be the End of Dog Meat in China!

  1. This problem encompasses countries further afield than China. For instance greyhounds which are shipped to Macau to “race” once they have finished their use in the Western Hemisphere often end up in the dog meat markets. The conditions they are kept in are absolutely horrendous and the methods of dispatch are equally gruesome. The sooner the “wet” markets are closed and all sorts of animals are no longer held in terribly insanitary conditions for “consumption” according to ancient traditions, the better.

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    1. That is very true. It’s not over yet, but hopefully more and more places will stop these horrible actions soon. It sickens me to even imagine that any place would use a dog for meat, and I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to consider stopping it.

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      1. There appears to be little or no control over how the dogs and cats meet their grisly end. I know that people eat beef, chicken, pork, lamb, goat etc and will say “well dont eat them as well as they are sentient creatures” and I can see the reasoning behind that. The thing that makes me think more, is that the method of dispatch is normally quicker and more “humane” than dogs and cats being boiled alive, electrocuted, skinned after boiling and having their organs still just bodily warm when they are consumed, all so that some “old wives tale” can be maintained about health and vitality. I may be wrong about much of this.

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        1. I honestly don’t know too much about the topic of dog meat because it is just such a dark topic and it breaks my heart if I research it too much, but yeah, I’m pretty sure the way they kill these dogs is definitely inhumane. I do think it’s unfair that we eat animals in general (I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d like to be), but it seems like no matter what we do animals will still get hurt which is such a sad reality. I just wish that if we could save any animals, dogs could be one of them. Because it’s very strange that most of the world sees dogs like family members while there are still places that eat them. I would never be able to eat a dog even if it was my only way to survive…

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