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If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me post about food toppers recently. That’s because Molly got some free samples through work, and I got to try them for the first time. Before I tried them, I didn’t really know much about them, but now I believe that they are an important dog supply that more dog parents should try!

What are Dog Food Toppers?

There are lots of different types and brands of dog food toppers, but overall, they’re a tasty substance that goes on top of dry dog food. They’re usually in a powder or liquid form, and you just pour them on top of your dog’s food for each meal.

Most dogs eat dry dog food every day, but the sad reality is that kibble actually isn’t very healthy. Even the higher quality kibbles are still processed, so eating kibble every day is the equivalent of a human eating fast food every day.

According to Dog Food Advisor, kibble is also packed with carbs and other unnecessary ingredients. In fact, today’s kibble contains as much as four times the amount of carbs found in a dog ancestral diet.

The truth is, dogs actually don’t need any carbs in their diet at all! A lot of the ingredients in kibble are just filler ingredients that don’t benefit your dog as they should. So, that’s where dog food toppers come in.

How Can They Benefit Dogs?

Most people assume toppers are only for picky eaters. They taste delicious for dogs, so they are often used just to help your dog eat their food regularly. While taste is a great benefit of toppers, most food toppers actually provide a lot of other important benefits too.

Since dry dog food doesn’t have all the nutrients that dogs need to thrive, toppers can be a great way to add some nutrition to your dog’s food. Every topper brand is different, but they can often help with health aspects like digestion, heart health, healthy skin, and joint health.

Switching to a non-kibble diet, such as a fresh or raw diet, is a great way to give your dog the healthiest food possible. However, it’s often much more expensive and more time consuming for dog parents. Therefore, many humans just aren’t able to provide that for their dogs.

Toppers exist as an easier alternative to a completely raw diet. You can add all the nutrients your dog needs without even having to change their food. I wasn’t sure how well it worked at first, but after tasting a topper with my own kibble, I learned that it’s a great options for dog parents to try.

My Personal Opinion

As many of you know, Molly works for They recently launched their own food topper called Happy, Healthy Topper, and Molly got to write some of the advertising content for it. So, they sent us some samples to try, and I LOVE THEM!

We got a beef flavor and a chicken flavor to try. To me, they’re both delicious and they’ve made me even more excited about mealtime. All she does is sprinkle it on top of my Fromm, and it helps make me healthier. I mostly just care about the delicious taste, but the health boost is a good bonus.

I’m not getting paid to promote this topper, but I just thought it would be a great product to share with readers. Before Molly started writing about toppers for work, she didn’t know much about them. So, I wanted to share what I thought about them. I think they are an awesome product for anyone that feeds their dog kibble and can’t afford to give their dog a completely fresh diet. Plus, if your dogs are anything like me, they’ll go crazy over the taste!

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