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Sadly, many humans think that adopting a dog should be a backup plan. They’d much rather try to find the perfect puppy first before even considering a rescue. This horrible thought process is due to the fact that there are lots of myths about rescue dogs. However, we’re actually better than a specially bred puppy! So, I’m here to put some of the biggest rumors to rest.

Myth: You Can’t Find Exactly What You Want at a Rescue

Dog parents often lean toward breeders because they think that’s the best way to get exactly what they want. They think they know exactly what they want because they’re in love with a certain breed. Essentially, these families choose what dog they want just based on looks, which is never a good thing.

What many people fail to realize is that all kinds of dogs can end up at shelters and rescues. There are plenty of purebreds just waiting for adoption. Oftentimes, the perfect dog for you is already out there, waiting for a home. Therefore, it is important to dog lovers to visit rescue dogs first because they will likely find their ideal dog there.

The perfect dog might not be exactly what you expected, but at least you’ll be saving a dog instead of hurting other dogs.

Myth: Rescue Dogs Are Less Predictable Than Dogs From Breeders

For some reason, people think puppies from breeders are easier to learn stuff about than a rescue dog. However, it’s really the other way around. With a newborn puppy, it’s hard to know what they’ll be like as they grow up. Sure, the breeder can tell you all about the parents, but in terms of personality, you can’t usually predict that.

With rescue dogs, the rescues and shelters often have some details about the dog’s past. Plus, the more time they spend with these dogs, the more they can learn about them. Many rescues and shelters want every dog to find the perfect home, so they try to learn as much about them as possible. Therefore, rescue dogs are typically more predictable because of this.

Myth: Rescue Dogs Are Always Adults

If you want a puppy, you don’t have to go to a breeder! Puppies and younger dogs are often at shelters too. People often surrender their puppies when they become too much to handle and pregnant dogs are often rescued and brought to shelters too. So, shelters have dogs of all different ages.

Rescue puppies need homes just as much as adult dogs do. They typically get adopted much faster, but adopting a puppy is better than not adopting at all. So, please check your local shelters and rescues for puppies before instantly turning to a breeder.

Myth: Rescue Dogs Aren’t as Healthy

Sure, some breeders specialize in making sure their puppies are in the best shape, but not all of them do. Some breeders aren’t as trustworthy, and if you turn to a pet store, it’s almost guaranteed that your dog will have health problems. Puppies are never guaranteed to be healthy, and no dog is.

Some rescue dogs will have health problems, but that doesn’t mean they’re less healthy than other dogs. In fact, it’s better to know about any health issues right away with your dog. With a puppy, you might not know there’s anything wrong at first, but a shelter or rescue can easily inform you about whether or not your rescue dog has any health concerns.

Myth: Rescue Dogs Are Harder to Train

The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is just a myth. In fact, many rescue dogs are eager to learn new things because it provides a bonding experience for them and their new families.

Newborn puppies often need much more time and patience when it comes to training, but rescue dogs often already know basic commands and manners. Every dog is slightly different when it comes to training, so you can’t assume a dog will be hard to train just because they’re a rescue.

Myth: Rescue Dogs Will Find a Home with Someone Else

Dog parents that bought their dogs often don’t feel bad about their decision. They assume that if they don’t adopt a dog, that do will easily find a home with someone else. However, that’s sadly not the case.

Puppies from breeders usually get purchased very quickly, but dogs at shelters often have to wait for long periods of time, especially for senior dogs. Many dogs are euthanized just because they weren’t adopted in time, and that’s not fair at all. So, don’t just assume that rescue dogs will find a home if you decide to buy a designer puppy instead. The horrible reality is that many of those dogs won’t find their forever home.

As always, please encourage dog lovers to adopt. There are too many myths about rescue dogs that we need to stop spreading!

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