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If you walk your dog in new areas often, chances are that you’ve seen a dog with a yellow ribbon. These yellow ribbons are usually tied to the dog’s leash or collar, and they’re for so much more than just decoration. Yellow ribbons are actually very important for the dogs that have them, so I think all dog lovers should be aware of their significance.

What are Yellow Ribbons for?

Yellow ribbons were first put into place by The Yellow Dog Project, which is a movement to help dogs that need space. People love to assume that all dogs are friendly and want to be pet, but that’s just not the case. So, The Yellow Dog Project came up with a way to warn others if dogs need space.

A dog wearing a yellow ribbon could mean lots of different things, but the bottom line is that the dog wants to keep their distance from you. If a dog is wearing a yellow ribbon, do not approach then and give them the space they need.

Common reasons dogs need space is if they’re nervous, aggressive, scared, or in training. The reason a dog is wearing a yellow ribbon shouldn’t be important. What’s important is that you respect their need for space.

What Should You Do if You See a Dog with a Yellow Ribbon?

As cute as a dog is, you should not approach them if you see a yellow ribbon. Also, feel free to spread the word about yellow ribbons. If you see someone trying to approach a dog wearing one, kindly explain to them the purpose of that ribbon. The more people that know about it, the safer everyone can be.

If you have a dog of your own that needs some space, please have them wear something yellow to signify this. This is because it’s much easier to alert people of your dog’s needs even from a distance. Plus, the more dogs that use these, the more normal they will become.

Many people and dogs get hurt when someone approaching a dog that doesn’t want to be pet. These yellow ribbons can stop these situations from happening.

Certain dogs just need space. Not every dog can be friendly and well-behaved all the time. Some dogs only need to wear the ribbon for a short period of time while others need them their whole lives. Regardless of the reason, we need to spread the word about this movement to help dogs get the space they need.

If you don’t know where to get yellow apparel for your dog, you can order some through The Yellow Dog Project. Also, they are always willing to accept donations! Their goal is to grow their movement as much as possible, so please help out!

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