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Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

When we first created this blog, our mission was to encourage others to go out and help dogs in need. However, as the blog grows, we’re trying to come up with more ways that we can make a difference. So, Molly had a great idea for a fundraiser! Not only will we spread the word about adopting dogs, but we can also raise money to help give those dogs a better life!

What is the Fundraiser?

If you follow my Facebook, you’ve probably already seen some of the cute Mabel comics that Molly drew. She thought it would be a fun thing to try out at first, but then she realized there was so much more she could do with them.

So, for our fundraiser, we will be creating comics of your furry friend! Not only rescue dogs, but any dogs are welcome to participate! In fact, we’re willing to create comics of any animals! If you have a cat, hamster, or even a salamander at home, we’ll make it work! Even if you don’t have an animal of your own, we could create a comic of your friend or family member’s dog.

If you would like a comic of your animal, all you have to do is donate at least $15 to the shelter or rescue of your choice. Any rescue or shelter that is working hard to help dogs in need will do. If you don’t have one in mind, feel free to choose one from my Shelter Spotlight posts!

When you’ve donated, just send me some proof that you actually sent the money. You can send me a screenshot of a receipt/confirmation email, a video of you clicking the ‘donate’ button, or even a photo of you putting cash into a donation jar. As long as you can prove that you donated to help dogs in need, we will create a comic for you!

You can have as much control of the comics as you’d like, as long as it’s only about a page long. If you have a specific idea, let me know! However, if you don’t know what you want it to be about, just send us a picture of your dog (or other animal) and some facts about them, and we’ll come up with a comic!

How to Get Your Comic

1.) Donate at least $15 to the shelter or rescue of your choice.

2.) Email with proof that you donated.

3.) Please also send a photo of your animal along with some information about them so we can personalize the comic as much as possible!

4.) We will create the comic as soon as we can! A photo of the comic will be emailed to you, but if you want the original copy too, let us know and we’ll find a way to send it to you!

This is our first fundraiser, so we’re not sure exactly how it will go. We want to do everything we can do help dogs in need. So, thank you to everyone that participates in our fundraiser. Also, if you have any questions, please email me!

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