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Any dog parent knows that dogs make life great! But did you know that dogs are actually good for your health too? There are lots of ways that dogs can make your life happier and healthier, and I agree! I’m no doctor, but I can tell that I make Molly’s life better each and every day!

Obviously, service dogs provide lots of health aspects for their humans, but how can everyday dogs help with your health? There might be more ways than you think!

They Give You More Exercise

Even if your dog is lazy like me, they can still help your heart by giving you more exercise. We can’t just sit inside all day because we need to go on walks! Sure, it might seem like a pain sometimes to have to stop what you’re doing to walk your dog, but even just a little exercise like that every day can go a long way.

They Reduce Stress

Being around dogs is a great way to reduce stress. Sure, sometimes training us and getting us to listen can be a pain, but overall, we create more comfort than stress. Just petting a dog can make even the hardest moments in life easier.

They Get You Out of the House

When walking your dog, you have to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Not only does this help with exercise, but it can actually help you socialize too! Other people are likely going to stop you to pet your dog and your dog might want to meet with other dogs that pass. Dog lovers are a whole community, so by simply having a dog, you might get out of the house and talk to other people more.

They Help with Depression

Whenever people look at me, they always smile. Dogs just seem to have that effect on people. Our cute faces just make everyone so happy! Whenever you’re feeling down, petting a dog can help lift your spirits. It’s why many people have dogs as their emotional support animals. Dogs can make such a difference for a person’s mood.

They Help with Allergies

People that grew up with dogs are actually less likely to have allergies as they get older. So, the sooner kids are exposed to dogs, the better it will likely be for them. No one wants to be allergic to an adorable dog, so exposure to dogs early on is essential.

They Just Make Life Better!

Some of these things might seem minor, but altogether, they just make life better! That’s what dogs do for humans. We help make your life better and more exciting. Don’t ever take your dog for granted because they will always do what they can to keep you happy and healthy. You take care of your dogs, so of course, they will always want to return the favor.

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