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Dog parents are often very opinionated about what others feed their dogs. There are just so many options to choose from, so how do you know what is best for your pup? At first, I thought there was only dry and wet food, but I quickly learned about raw dog food too. So, what exactly is raw dog food?

I don’t eat raw dog food, but I’ve heard a lot about it. Molly even said she might give it a try some day, but for now, I’ll just stick to the same tasty food that I usually have.

What is a Raw Diet?

Essentially, a raw diet is a more natural diet for your dog. It focuses specifically on food that is uncooked and unprocessed to better reflect a dog’s natural diet that they would eat in the wild.

Raw dog food can be purchased as a pre-made formula or it can be homemade. Either way, it is supposed to be a healthy and delicious meal for your dog.

Here are some types of food that are found in raw dog food diets:

  • Raw meat, such as muscle meat and organ meats
  • Bones, which are either ground up or whole
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables, such as broccoli
  • Fruits, such as apples

Some dog parents choose raw ingredients to make their own food for their furry friend. However, others find it easier to purchase a brand of raw food for their dog. Either way, it’s considered a raw diet for dogs.

Is Raw Dog Food Healthier?

Many dog parents switch to raw dog food because it provides a lot of health benefits that dry or wet dog foods don’t. Dry dog food might seem like the most common and most reasonable choice for dogs, but many of these brands are actually unhealthy and full of unnecessary ingredients.

It’s thought that raw diets can help better resemble a dog’s natural diet by only including real beneficial ingredients. So, it’s typically healthier for dogs, but it might not be the right choice for every dog.

Here are some health benefits to raw dog food:

  • Shinier coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Smaller stools
  • Higher energy levels
  • Cleaner teeth

Every type of raw dog food is slightly different, but these are the general benefits that raw diets usually have for dogs.

Are There Any Risks?

With any food, there are always small risks involved. So, raw food is no different. Here are some of the possible risks to be aware of:

  • Dogs and humans could get bacteria from the raw meat
  • Raw bones could be a choking hazard
  • It can be unhealthy for your dog if the meals are not nutritionally balanced

Like I said, there are risks with every type of diet, so don’t let these things scare you. If you plan to put your dog on a raw diet, make sure to do extra research on your diet options to make sure you choose one that’s best for your dog’s specific needs.

Raw Dog Food Brands

For those of you that want to get your dog started on a raw diet but don’t want to cook it yourself, then you’re in luck! Raw dog food has been getting more popular over the years, so there are lots of raw dog foods available for purchase.

Here are some popular raw dog food brands:

  • Answers
  • The Honest Kitchen
  • Primal
  • Stella and Chewy’s
  • Vital Essentials

Making it at Home

However, if you want to make your dog’s food yourself, you absolutely can! If you look up raw dog food recipes online, there are plenty of simple recipes to get you started.

That way, if you make your dog’s food, you know exactly what you’re feeding them. You don’t need to worry about any unnecessary fillers or unhealthy ingredients. With raw food, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

If you decide to switch your dog’s food, it’s important to remember to do it in a slow transition though. This is not only true for raw food, but it’s true for any time you drastically change what your dog eats. Gradually transition them from one food to the other to make sure it doesn’t upset their stomach.

Now, I haven’t tried raw food, so I obviously can’t tell you too much about it. I hope you all consider what you’re feeding and make sure you’re choosing the healthiest possible meals for your furry friend. As long as your dog is happy and healthy, that’s what matters most!

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