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Should your dog’s nose be wet or dry? Should it be warm or cold? What do these different things mean? There are just so many questions when it comes to a dog’s nose! I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about my own nose until I researched it a bit, so I’m here to answer any nose questions you might have.

What Does a Healthy Nose Look Like?

Dogs usually have a wet, cold nose. After all, many dog parents can agree that wet noses are good. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a dry nose is unhealthy.

Normally, your dog’s nose will change between wet and dry throughout the day. When your dog wakes up from a nap, their nose might be a bit drier, but when they’re more active, their nose is working harder, making it wetter.

Neither a dry or wet nose is a reason for concern. However, it’s important to check your dog’s nose (and the rest of their body) often to make sure there aren’t any abnormalities.

Why is it Not Always Consistent?

Dog noses change throughout the day based on your dog’s activity level. Dog noses get wet by secreting mucus, by licking their noses, and by sniffing wet objects. So, a wet nose is simply a sign that your dog is sniffing like they’re supposed to.

If your dog’s nose is dry, it’s likely because they’re resting and not touching their nose to anything wet. Also, older dogs tend to have drier noses than younger dogs do.

So, your dog’s nose will likely be different throughout the day, and that’s perfectly fine! It’s very rare that their nose will constantly be wet or constantly be dry. Therefore, if your dog’s nose doesn’t feel consistent throughout the day, then that’s totally normal.

When to Be Concerned

While all dog noses are not equal, there are some times when a nose can show symptoms of something more serious. For example, if your dog’s dry nose becomes cracked or sore, you should talk to your vet about it.

If your dog’s nose is overly wet, this could also be a reason for concern. If you notice too much discharge coming from your dog’s nose or if the mucus is thick or not a clear color, this could be an issue. These symptoms could be a sign of a respiratory infection, so talk to your vet just to be safe.

Again, noses are different for every dog, so it’s important for you to check your dog’s nose often to learn what’s normal for them. The same is true for any body part. Always make sure you check your dog from nose to tail regularly in order to catch unusual symptoms before they worsen.

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