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My first shelter spotlight post is about one that Molly is very familiar with. HAWS (Humane Animal Welfare Society) was one of Molly’s favorite shelters growing up. It’s an animal shelter in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and Molly loved visiting it to see all the adorable dogs, cats, and other animals!

HAWS was first established back in 1965, and it’s grown so much since then! They help about 8,000 animals each year. They also have nearly 35,000 human visitors each year as well!

Of course, HAWS is a no-kill shelter. They don’t discriminate against breeds, ages, health, or temperaments. They do whatever they can to make sure all their animals are well cared for and that they go to a good home.

This shelter has lots of events to promote dog adoption. They provide camps for kids, training classes for dogs, and a spay and neuter program. They truly do care about the well-being of dogs, which is what makes them such a great shelter.

When Molly was looking for a dog to adopt, she visited with some of the dogs at this shelter. The staff were very kind and helpful when she wanted to meet with the rescue dogs. She didn’t end up adopting a dog from this shelter because the ones she met with got adopted so quickly. However, it’s lucky for me because she adopted me from a different rescue not long after!

If you live in Wisconsin and you’re looking for a new family member, please check out the adoptable animals at HAWS! You might just find your new best friend.

If you have a rescue dog of your own, please visit my contact page to get their story featured on my site! Let’s encourage more dog lovers to adopt!

Photos from @HAWSofWaukesha/Facebook

2 thoughts on “Shelter Spotlight: HAWS

  1. Linda Lazarine says:

    Mabel,I’m so glad Molly found you. Looks like a match made in heaven!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mabel Weinfurter says:

      Thank you! I think so too 🙂


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