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Most dogs can’t stand getting a bath! We will often try to get out of it in any way possible. But Molly says that we need baths to keep us clean.

Baths might be a hassle for some dog parents, but others bathe their dogs often to avoid having a stinky pooch. However, I recently learned that it’s possible to bathe your dog too much!

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Every dog is slightly different when it comes to cleanliness. Some dogs are good at keeping themselves clean while others can’t resist a good mud puddle when they see it.

At a minimum, your dog should be bathed at least once every 3 months. However, if you notice that your dog is starting to stink before this, then you can definitely bathe them sooner. Many dog parents stick to about once a month to make sure their pup stays as clean as possible.

However, you shouldn’t bathe your dog more than once a week unless your vet tells you to. It might seem like a good idea to clean your dog as much as possible, but bathing them more than once in the same week could actually harm them!

What Happens if You Bathe Them Too Much?

If you bathe your dog too frequently, then there are a few issues that could arise. It could irritate their skin, damage their hair, or increase the risk of fungal or bacterial infections.

This is because bathing your dog more than once a week could strip their coat of the natural oils needed to protect their skin, which is why it can be easier for them to get harmed. So, only bathe your dog when it seems necessary.

When Should a Groomer Bathe Your Dog?

Sometimes, humans prefer to let their groomer bathe their dog for them. This is often easier to keep a schedule and it’s less work for dog parents. Plus, groomers can make your dog smell extra good and they often include nail clippings and ear cleanings. If you have a dog with hair, they’ll get bathed whenever they get their hair trimmed as well.

The best reason to have a groomer bathe your dog is if they won’t cooperate for you. If they refuse to sit still while you bathe them, it’s likely safer to let a professional handle it. However, it can be a lot pricier though. Choose what’s best for you and your dog.

Choosing Special Dog Shampoos

When your dog comes home from the groomer, they typically look and smell extra clean. If you want them to have this same result after their baths at home, then why not try some specialty shampoo?

If you talk to a groomer or vet, they can probably suggest a specific shampoo to perfectly fit your dogs needs. There are so many different kinds of shampoo out there – for dogs with sensitive skin, for dogs that shed a lot, and even for senior dogs or puppies. A higher quality shampoo might make bath time more beneficial for your pup.

Overall, baths are a good thing! They’re not fun for dogs, but I suppose they keep us clean and healthy. So, make sure you give your dog a bath whenever it’s needed, but don’t bathe them too often!

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