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For humans, hugs and kisses are a universal sign of love. So, it is for common for people to also want to hug and kiss dogs as much as possible. What can I say? Dogs are just so lovable!

I personally love getting as many kisses as possible. I understand that kisses are a positive behavior, so I often snuggle up to Molly expecting even more love. However, not all dogs will react in this way. What many humans don’t realize is that a lot of dogs don’t understand these forms of affection.

How Do Dogs Feel About Hugs and Kisses?

Like any situation, every dog reacts differently to hugs and kisses. Some dogs might kiss back, some might be indifferent, and some might even be scared of them! It really depends on the dog, so it is important to pay attention to their body language.

With new dogs, it is best to avoid hugs and kisses. If you see an adorable dog walking down the street, don’t just run up to them and start showing them affection because you have no idea how they’ll react. You shouldn’t run up and hug random people, so why would you do that with dogs?

When you first meet a dog, give them time to get used to you. If you are always in their face, hugging and kissing them, this could make them anxious. They probably don’t know that hugs and kisses are nice, so they might act out due to fear. Always give a dog personal space if you’re unsure how they’ll react.

Over time, dogs can get used to hugs and kisses, and many will even enjoy them. However, you can never assume that a dog wants this kind of attention. Sure, dogs are so hug-gable, but you need to resist the urge to cuddle every dog you meet.

Dog Warning Signs

While some people believe dogs attack out of the blue, this is just not true! We have warning signs before our behaviors just like humans and any animals do. It is important to be familiar with these signs to make sure that your dog feels comfortable and safe at all times.

If the dog is avoiding eye contact, their body is stiff, their hair is on end, or they’re trying to get away from you, then these are some of the first signs that they are uncomfortable. These signs might be difficult to detect, but if you notice them doing any of these things, then it’s probably time to give them some space.

As dogs get more annoyed, we will often have more obvious warning signs such a snarling or growling. If this happens, your dog is not trying to be mean, they’re just trying to tell you to back off a little. If your dog growls or bares their teeth at you, then it is definitely time to stop trying to hug and kiss them.

Learning to Give Dogs Space

As cute as dogs are, you’ll have to give them space from time to time. If they walk away from you or distance themselves from you, it is important that you don’t continuously follow them. Everyone needs time to themselves now and then, so dogs are no different.

Oftentimes, it is hardest for kids to understand that dogs need space. Kids love to be as close to dogs as possible, and they often will not stop loving them even after the warning signs. So, if you have kids in your household, make sure you teach them to give your dog the space they need, especially when you first adopt them.

Just because dogs need time to themselves occasionally doesn’t mean that you can never love them. Make sure you give them time to come to you, and don’t force anything. We are very loving animals as long as you treat us right.

How Do Dogs Show Affection?

While dogs won’t always understand hugs and kisses, we have our own ways of showing love. If we love our humans, we’ll let them know! Every dog has their own unique way of being affectionate, but there are some universal signs that your dog loves you.

Of course, a wagging tail is often a good sign. When your dog is happy to see you, they will likely wag their tail like crazy. So, their tail is a great way to tell how your dog feels about a situation.

If your dog approaches you, looking to be pet, this is another sign that they love you. They will likely also lick you or lean against you. Even just making eye contact with you is often a sign of affection.

Humans and dogs might show affection differently, but that doesn’t stop us from loving each other! Just be patient with your dog and let them come to you. Save the hugs and kisses for after you’ve developed a closer bond.

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