Mabel the Rescue Dog

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Hi, my name is Noodles! I am a Beagle whose story was recently featured on! I was very, very shy when I first arrived at the shelter, but I’ve grown so much since then!

When my dad saw me at the shelter, I was cowering in the corner of my enclosure, staring at a wall. I had been abused in the past, so I wasn’t ready to trust any humans just yet.

All the other dogs at the shelter were jumping up and trying to get his attention, but for some reason, he fell in love with me. He knew he could change my life, and he was right!

Image: Screenshot, Howard Holloman YouTube

He slowly approached me and tried giving me some food to win me over. I wasn’t fully convinced, but he still decided to adopt me.

When I came home with him, I met my new brother, who is a Beagle named Weezie. Weezie was also a rescue dog that had been abused in the past, but he seemed so happy. I wanted to be just like him!

I fell in love with Weezie right away. Within two days of my arrival, I was running around the yard and playing with Weezie. However, I was still scared of my new dad.

Over time, I got more and more comfortable in my new surroundings. After about a month at my new home, I learned that my dad loved me and would not hurt me. I decided that it was okay for me to come to him and let him pet me. Some things, such as loud noises, still scared me, but I knew that my dad would protect me.

Image: Screenshot, Howard Holloman YouTube

Now, I am very happy with my new life. Weezie and my dad have shown me that not all humans are bad, and that it feels great to have a loving family. My dad loved me when every other person at the shelter overlooked me. I am so grateful that he adopted me and showed me what love truly is!

Do you have a rescue dog with a story to share? Please visit the contact page to get their story featured on this blog!

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