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I’ve always had trouble jumping onto the bed at night. My legs are just too short and the bed is too tall! So, Molly decided to order some dog stairs to help me get up and down. At first, I didn’t really understand how to use them, but now I’m getting the hang of it. Turns out, dog stairs can actually have a lot of benefits for dogs!

What Are They For?

Dog stairs are great for small dogs that have trouble getting up and down from beds, couches, or other tall objects. My brother, Taco, has long legs and lots of energy, so he can easily jump on the bed. But I’ve always struggled with jumping, and I’m sure many other small dogs have too!

These stairs can also be a great option for older dogs. Molly told me that it’s not good for my joints to keep jumping down from such a high place, so the stairs are much easier on my little legs. Therefore, even if you dog has no problem climbing into your bed at night, you might want to consider some stairs as they age.

Even if I could jump on and off the bed, it’s scary and I could end up hurting myself! So, these stairs are just safer and easier.

Where Can You Get Them?

The best place to find dog stairs is online. Molly bought mine on Amazon, and they have a wide selection of different sizes and colors. However, you should measure the stairs ahead of time to make sure they are the perfect height for your furniture.

You can also purchase them at some pet stores, but your options will be more limited. You might not find exactly the type of stairs that you’re looking for.

Quality dog stairs can be a bit pricey, so if you’re not looking to spend that much money, you could just find something around your home that could work as a step for your dog. Molly has a soft foot rest that she keeps by the window so it’s easier for me to see outside. So, you don’t have to get some fancy stairs, but you just need something that makes it easier for your dog to get up and down.

What I Think So Far!

When I first got the stairs, I didn’t understand how to use them. I was frustrated that Molly wouldn’t just pick me up to put me on the bed. But she used plenty of treats and encouragement, so now, I can go up and down them on my own!

Of course, I still prefer being picked up, but it’s good to have at least a little independence for once. I would encourage other small dogs like me to try out some dog stairs!

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