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If your dog has hair instead of fur, odds are you’ll need to take them to the groomer on a regular basis. I’m not a huge fan of getting groomed myself, but I’ll admit, I always feel better with a fresh haircut! Like me, many dogs are particular about getting groomed, so it is important to find the perfect groomer to take care of your dog.

Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

Even if you prefer to keep your dog’s hair longer, you should still try to visit the groomer occasionally. They can trim the hair and prevent your dog from getting matted. Longer hair can be harder to maintain, so unless you plan to brush your dog at least daily, you’ll need the help of a professional groomer.

Even if your dog doesn’t need their hair trimmed, they will likely still need to see the groomer for other things such as a nail trim or a nice bath. It is important to find a good groomer near you for these types of grooming items.

What Should You Look for in a Groomer?

The best way to find a good groomer is to ask around. If you see a dog with a good haircut, feel free to ask their human which groomer they went to. You can also call around or stop by different grooming places to get additional information on the specific services they have to offer.

The ideal groomer should be friendly to both you and your dog. They will genuinely care about your dog and do what they can to keep them safe while giving them the best haircut possible.

A qualified groomer should be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about your dog being groomed. They should be educated about all types of grooming and should even be able to offer you advice about your dog’s haircut. Afterwards, they will be able to give you details about how your dog did and specifically what they cooperated and didn’t cooperate for.

If you are unsure about which groomers to check out, look at the reviews ahead of time. All groomers will get an unhappy client from time to time, but if a lot of their reviews are negative experiences, they might not be the best choice for your dog.

Is it Okay to Switch Groomers?

Many dog parents like to find the perfect groomer and stick with them, but things happen. You might end up moving, a shop could go out of business, or your groomer could end up moving far away. If any of these things happen, don’t panic! It’s okay to switch to a new groomer.

If you need to switch groomers, you should use the same caution as you did when finding your first groomer. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to need to switch groomers, you can even see if your current groomer has any suggestions and see if they can leave some notes for a future groomer.

As long as you can find a friendly and trustworthy groomer for your dog, that’s what matters. If your dog always leaves the groomer being extra terrified, then that’s something to be aware of.

The perfect groomer will do what they can to make your dog as comfortable as possible. If you ever feel like your dog’s groomer isn’t the right fit for you, don’t be afraid to switch them to a new groomer. Your dog’s safety should always be a priority, so only choose a groomer that you really trust.

Scheduling a Grooming Appointment for Your Dog

Once you’ve decided on a groomer, it’s time to schedule an appointment! It is important to remember that groomers are often very busy, especially around the holidays, so plan ahead!

If you know your dog will need to get groomed soon, call ahead of time to guarantee that you get the appointment you want. Like most humans, groomers prefer clients that plan ahead and show up on time.

In fact, if you show up early for your appointment, you’ll have plenty of time to go over the specifics of your dog’s groom with the groomer. So, the more you plan ahead, the more comfortable you can feel when getting your dog groomed.

Getting your dog groomed doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Just take your time when choosing a groomer and make sure you find someone that takes good care of your dog.

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