Mabel the Rescue Dog

Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

Check out my children’s book: DD’s Miracle!

Hi, my name is DD! I used to be a stray, and I met my family while they were on vacation in Mississippi. Once I met my them, I knew they were perfect for me, so I followed them to the place they were staying and I wouldn’t leave their side for the entire trip.

At first, they started calling me DD because it jokingly stood for “dumb dog,” but the name stuck. They quickly learned that I wasn’t dumb at all and they fell in love with me. I bonded with them during their vacation, and as they were about to head home to Virginia, they knew they couldn’t leave without me.

They brought me home with them and took me to the vet to make sure I was healthy and to make sure I didn’t belong to anyone else. When they found out that I really didn’t have a home, they decided to adopt me!

When they first met me, I was very scrawny. I hadn’t been fed much while I was a stray, so you could see my bones through my skin. My new family fed me plenty of food and gave me love, so soon, I was healthy in no time!

When my mom told her friends about my adoption story, they told her that she should write a book about me. She hadn’t ever considered being a writer, but she started working on a children’s book. It is about my story, and she wrote it to hopefully encourage others to adopt!

My book is now on sale and it’s called DD’s Miracle. Some of the proceeds from this book are being donated to non-profit animal rights organizations. So, please check it out!

If my family hadn’t adopted me, who knows what could’ve happened? I might not have survived. So, I am very grateful that I finally found the perfect family to love and care for me. Every dog should get the opportunity to feel this.

If you have a rescue dog with a story to share, please visit the contact page! Every story shared could help another family to adopt!

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