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For most humans, this probably seems obvious, but when your dog does a number 2, you always need to pick it up! Molly and I have gone to so many different public places where there’s just dog poop sitting around. While I enjoy the smells, Molly says that it’s disgusting! So, how can we stop people from just leaving dog poop behind?

Why is it so Important?

You might notice that a lot of public places do not allow dogs. Even some parks and outdoor areas have signs that say “No Dogs Allowed.” But we love being outside! I love walking in parks, and I get sad when I’m not allowed. Unfortunately, these rules are in place though because so many humans decide to be disrespectful and not clean up after their dogs.

Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t pick up poop ourselves. We don’t have opposable thumbs! That’s why it’s so important for our humans to clean up after us. After all, when they adopted us, they agreed to be responsible for us. Therefore, they are responsible for cleaning up after us. If you don’t pick it up, then you’re just leaving it for someone else to clean up. That’s not fair at all.

Also, leaving dog poop sitting around is not good for the health of humans or animals. Dog poop is often full of diseases and parasites, and of course, it smells horrible to all the humans that walk by.

Many humans argue that it’s a natural fertilizer, but that’s actually not true. All poop is different, so while cow waste is a fertilizer, dog waste is not. Dog poop is actually high in nitrogen and phosphorus, so it can actually harm the grass if it’s not picked up. Therefore, there is no reason not to pick up after your dog.

Why Do Some People Choose Not to?

Oftentimes, humans just forget to carry poop bags with them. However, a lot of dog-friendly areas have stations with bags at them, yet some people still don’t pick up after their dog. That’s just lazy behavior. If you don’t have a few extra seconds in your day to pick up dog poop, then how do you have enough time to properly care for your dog? Laziness is not excuse to allow someone else to clean up after your dog.

What are the Consequences?

In certain places, you can actually get fined if you don’t pick up after your dog. However, even if that rule is in place, it is difficult to enforce. It’s not like someone is watching you every single time you walk your dog. Even if you don’t get in trouble, you are still harming the nearby plants, animals, and humans. Think about that next time you’re about to leave your dog’s waste sitting there.

Encourage Everyone to Pick up After Their Dog

The easiest way to ensure that you never leave dog poop sitting around is to make sure you always have bags on you. Molly keeps a poop bag holder on my leash to ensure that it’s always with us. When she notices it’s about to run low, she shoves another roll in so that it’s never empty.

If you ever run out of rolls of bags and don’t have time to run to the store, you can always use a plastic bag. It might not be as small and easy to carry as a poop bag, but it’s better than nothing.

If you ever see another human walking with their dog and they don’t pick up the poop, offer a bag to them. It’s probably stressful for humans if their dog suddenly poops and they realize they don’t have a bag. Therefore, help a fellow dog lover out and give them a bag to use.

Help spread the word to the community out there because it is important for everyone to pick up after their dog! If people continuously don’t pick up after dogs, then soon we won’t be allowed in any public places! So, if you don’t want to do it for other humans, at least do it for us.

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