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Hi, my name is Cherry! My story starts off sad, but don’t worry, I have grown so much since then thanks to my wonderful family!

When I was only 2 months old, I was thrown out of a car with my brother. We lived on the streets for a while, but sadly, my brother did not make it. I missed him very much, but I knew I had to go on without him.

After living on the streets, I lived in a government kill station in Hungary. I lived in total isolation there for 6 months. Luckily, an amazing organization kept bringing food to me, so the pound manager decided to give me a chance to get adopted.

Then, at 8 months old, I finally met my forever family! I came to live with them in the Netherlands, and I was so happy to get adopted.

I was different than other rescue dogs from the start. I had lots of energy, and I made myself at home right away. I quickly learned that I loved snuggling with my new family members. They were so nice to me!

Even though I wasn’t shy, there were other obstacles that I had to overcome. I had food aggression and separation anxiety. Plus, I was leash reactive, which is when a dog feels threatened or defensive when they see other dogs, which causes them to act out.

Because of these obstacles, it was hard for my family to walk me on a leash or leave me alone. However, they were very understanding with me and helped me learn the proper ways to behave.

Now, my family says that I’m the best dog that they could ask for! I did basic obedience classes at first, but now, I train at an agility club in hopes of starting a competitive agility career!

I am a smart dog, and I love my family so much! I know lots of tricks, and I always bring a toy to greet my family at the door. I love every person and dog that I meet.

I am so grateful that I was welcomed into such a loving home. I spend as much time as possible with my family. If they’re sick, I’ll stay in bed with them to help them feel better. When they sit down, I love to rest on top of them. I love going anywhere with them, even restaurants, museums, furniture stores, and work!

I love going for car rides, especially on different vacations, such as skiing in France and camping trips. When camping, I will sleep right inside their sleeping bags, and I have no problem going on long hikes! However, if it’s raining, I expect my family to put a shirt or jacket on me because I actually love wearing clothes!

If you met me, you wouldn’t believe that I was considered the most “unadoptable” dog in the shelter! My family gave me a second chance at life, and I have grown so much since my early puppy days. I am so grateful that I was adopted, and I am living proof that any dog can turn out to be an amazing companion!

Oh, and did I mention that I have my own blog too? Please check it out at Cherry – That Rescue Pup!

Also, if you have a rescue dog of your own that is dying to share their story, please visit Mabel’s contact page!

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