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As many of you probably noticed, my tail is pink in some of my photos! This is not an optical illusion or a photo edit, that is actually my tail.

Most of you probably think this is either adorable or ridiculous, but either way, I just wanted to share some information about this new style to put any fears at ease.

Yes, my pink tail is completely safe! It is easy and harmless to do. However, it is not for everyone, so only use fur coloring on your dog if you know it won’t stress them out or scare them.

What is Fur Coloring?

Fur coloring is similar to the way humans dye their hair different colors, except it’s for dogs.

Dogs of all different coat types can get their hair or fur dyed, but unfortunately, it only works if it is a light color. My tail is naturally white, so that is why it is so easy to dye it. With dark fur, you don’t want to bleach it or harm it, so you will not be able to dye a dog with a darker coat.

Pink is the color that suits me best, but some of my friends have blue, purple, and even rainbow hair! I even know some dogs that have had patterns dyed in their fur, such as hearts.

So, fur coloring is really just a fun type of grooming for your dog. The color will not last forever, but it does stay in pretty well. My tail usually stays pink for a few months at a time, but it greatly fades during that period.

Deciding Whether or Not to Use Fur Coloring

If you know that your dog does not like getting groomed, then I can guarantee you that they won’t like this. Your dog may need baths and haircuts, but they don’t need fur coloring. So, if it will add extra stress to them, it might not be such a good idea.

Also, when getting your dog’s hair dyed, your dog will have to sit still for a while without touching the dyed section. This can be difficult for some dogs, and even if you cover up their colored hair while it’s dried, they could still find a way to make a mess! Therefore, patient dogs are the best dogs for fur coloring. Dogs that love to run around all the time will be better off doing something else.

Never get your dog’s fur colored solely for your benefit, especially if you know that it will be an unpleasant experience for your them.

How to Tell if a Brand is Safe

When dying your pet’s hair, it is important to use a dye that is made specially for dogs. There are some human hair products that are safe for both dogs and humans, but you can guarantee better and safer results with a pet product.

The brand my groomer uses is called Opawz, and it comes in a wide variety of funky colors. The colors are vibrant and long-lasting, much like my pink tail!

Finding a Groomer to Color Your Dog’s Fur

Since this is a fairly unusual grooming request, not all groomers will be able to offer this service. I’d suggest calling groomers near you ahead of time and asking if they do fur coloring.

Going to a groomer is the best option for fur coloring because they are more experienced with it. They know exactly how to do it without making a huge mess, and they are generally pretty good at keeping dogs calm during the process.

This isn’t to say that it is impossible for you to dye your pet’s fur on your own, but if you have a groomer you trust, you might want to check in with them first.

If you do decide to dye your dog’s hair on your own, make sure you do plenty of research ahead of time. Watch different videos to make sure you do it correctly and safely. As long as you are careful and your dog is comfortable with it, then it a completely safe style for your furry friend!

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