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“Adopt, don’t shop,” is a saying that I’m sure all of you have heard at one point or another. However, there are still many people that don’t seem to understand how important this saying really is.

Many people are drawn to puppies or specific breeds of dogs. Because of this, they assume the only way to get the perfect dog is to breed them, but this is not the case.

The truth is, there are plenty of perfect dogs that are already out there, waiting for a forever home. I know this because I was once one of those dogs. If Molly had gone to look for a newborn Shih Tzu puppy instead of a rescue, I wouldn’t be in the amazing home that I am today!

What are the Benefits to Adopting a Dog?

When you have a puppy bred for you, you are creating a whole new litter of dogs in the world. However, there are already so many dogs out there looking for a place to call home. Luckily, there are plenty of benefits to bringing home a rescue pup.

They’re Already Trained

Rescue dogs are just as lovable as a puppy, and many of them are already trained. With a newborn puppy, you will need to teach them all kinds of basic manners, including where to go to the bathroom and what not to chew on. When I was in my foster home, I was already potty trained and knew how to sit on command. Not every rescue will know the same tricks and commands, but many of them will be more well-behaved than a young puppy.

They’re More Predictable

As adorable as newborn puppies are, you don’t always know much about them going into it. It’s difficult to tell exactly how they’ll act in the future or how large they will become. Breeders can sometimes guess based on the puppy’s parents, but this is not always accurate.

With a rescue dog, the foster home or shelter can likely tell you a lot about the personality and behaviors of each dog. Many of these dogs are already full-grown, and may have even been up for adoption for a longer period of time. Therefore, the rescues and shelters have had plenty of time to learn specific information about each individual dog.

There is a Wide Selection

Despite what many people think, rescue dogs can come in all different breeds, sizes, and ages. This actually includes puppies and popular dog breeds! There are so many rescues and shelters out there, so with the right amount of research, you can find the perfect dog for you. Why breed a new puppy when the dog you need is probably already out there?

They are More Affordable

No dog is cheap, but rescue dogs are much more reasonably priced than a specially bred puppy. Rescue dogs typically cost between $50 and $300 for adoption, but that includes all their vaccines, and they are almost always spayed or neutered ahead of time. With a breeder, your puppy could cost thousands of dollars, and that’s usually not including vaccines.

Of course, every rescue and every breed is different, but overall, rescues are the cheaper choice. Plus, by spending less money on adoption, you will have extra spending money to buy your dog more toys and treats!

You Could Save Their Life

Unfortunately, many places still allow kill shelters, so if dogs are not adopted in time, they could be euthanized. Many dogs at my rescue were sent to Wisconsin from different states in order to be saved from these horrible laws.

The less dogs that are in shelters, the less dogs that need to be put down. However, the more puppies that are bred, the more dogs that will end up in shelters. Therefore, every adoption matters. We should try to help the problem instead of adding more dogs to it.

If you adopt a dog, not only could you be saving a life, but that dog will save your life too.

What Happens to Dogs That Don’t Get Adopted?

Sitting in a shelter or a foster home forever is no life for a dog, no matter how loving their caretakers may be. Dogs deserve a forever home, so it can be stressful for them to keep waiting and waiting to get adopted.

At a dog rescue, they will usually do everything they can to accommodate the dogs and keep them safe, but at a shelter, that isn’t as easy. Sadly, many states still allow kill shelters, so if there is not enough kennel space, the dogs that don’t get adopted will need to be euthanized.

Therefore, even though one person can’t save every dog, every person that chooses a rescue over breeding a new puppy is helping. Also, even if you do not have time or money for another dog, you can still encourage others to adopt, and if you are able to, you could volunteer or donate.

Why Else is it Bad to Breed Puppies?

As amazing as dogs are, we are an overpopulated species. There are many shelters that are so full that dogs need to be put down because of it. By breeding more puppies, you are only adding to this issue.

This also goes for buying a puppy from a pet store. Many of these puppies were bred in horrible places called puppy mills, so by purchasing these puppies, you are only supporting these breeders and encouraging them to breed more dogs.

What if Someone is Only Looking for a Puppy?

If you know you want a puppy instead of an adult dog, then good news! Puppies can be found at rescues and shelters too. With so many puppies being bred for specific people, there are a lot of young dogs that are given up or rescued while they’re still very young.

So, if you want a puppy, why not save the puppies that are already out there instead of paying someone to bring more into this world?

How Can We Encourage Others to Adopt?

When searching for the perfect dog, many people are not even aware that breeding a puppy could bring harm to other dogs. They don’t realize that there is such a wide selection of rescue dogs just waiting to be adopted. Therefore, it is the job of all dog lovers out there to spread the word and encourage adoption.

If you know someone that is looking for a dog in the near future, don’t be afraid to share your advice with them. Help them search for the perfect rescue dog if needed.

Also, if you have a rescue dog of your own, you should share your story with the world. Many people may come up to you to pet your dog or ask where you got them. That is the perfect opportunity to share your adoption story and explain why adopting a dog is so great!

Here on Mabel the Rescue Dog, we love hearing about the success stories of all viewers with rescue dogs! So, if you have a story that you’d like to share to be posted on our site, please visit our contact page.

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  1. When a dog is adopted from a rescue, you are in effect saving two dogs lives. The one being adopted and another which can then be admitted to the rescue shelter space. Adopt don’t shop, always..


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