Mabel the Rescue Dog

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I was adopted in May 2015 when I was only 1 1/2 years old. I think I was originally from somewhere in the Southern United States, but I was shipped up to Wisconsin where an amazing rescue, JR’s Pups-N-Stuff, took me in.

They didn’t know much about my past or where I came from, but they sent me to a nice foster home right away. While I was at this rescue, I was named Cordelia. However, I wasn’t there long before I met Molly.

The day Molly met met!

She came to visit me not long after I got settled at my foster home, and she says that right away, she knew it was meant to be. After a few weeks, she brought me home and changed my name to Mabel, although Cordelia is still my middle name. That’s right, my full name is Mabel Cordelia Weinfurter.

It took a while for me to adjust to my life with Molly. She always liked to sleep in even though there were so many exciting things to do in the morning. Also, she would expect me to go outside to pee all the time, even when it was cold out!

However, with time, I was able to get used to my new life, and I knew right away that it was my forever home. Molly and I have been through a lot together these past years, including moving to Florida for college! She’s my favorite person in the world and I am so glad she adopted me.

My first day home!

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